--Innovator, Entrepreneur, Bioengineer, and Business Growth Expert--

Jerry is an American entrepreneur, biomedical engineer, and product evangelist with 20 years of experience turning ideas and IP into consumer, medical or military products.
He has a broad and deep range of technical, operational and product commercialization expertise which he gained from several assignments in the Department of Defense’s (DoD) advanced research sector and with a number of medical device startups. Experience raising millions of dollars in private and federal funds, identifying and executing numerous strategic mergers & acquisitions (M&A), and recruiting a world-class team.

Jerry currently serves as the Chief Business Officer at CarePredict. An AI Powered Digital Health Company on a mission to solve the problem of taking care of the increasing ranks of seniors with ever dwindling human and monetary resources.  We are passionate about senior care and helping seniors age independently with a safety net provided by technology. The crisis of insufficient money and caregivers to take care of the rising ranks of seniors can be addressed by using automated machine learning and predictive systems to monitor and raise alerts when human intervention from family or clinical caregivers is warranted.

We provide a unique wearable sensor that not only tracks activity but also deduces behaviors to detect when a senior’s health is declining and triggers social and clinical interventions.  The service is an automated predictive data analytics platform that analyses activity and behavior data to trigger family and clinical caregiver responses.  CarePredict’s ability to discern changes in a senior’s behavior using its patent pending technology is unique and disruptive.

Jerry previously founded WiseWear in his San Antonio garage in 2013 after his grandfather passed away due to a fatal fall. On a mission to “right this wrong”, Dr. Wilmink started WiseWear to develop wearable devices that would allow users to alert their loved ones in times of potential danger. WiseWear's mission is to empower people with the tools that they need to lead happy, healthy, safe & productive lives. www.wisewear.com 

Jerry has been featured on the TodayShow, FastCompany, Mashable, WWD, Wired, ABC News, USA Today, JCK, Engadget, CNBC, Time, Money, Huffington Post, InStyle and BBC World News. http://www.today.com/video/a-flying-car---see-the-coolest-ces-tech-and-gadgets-600346691534.  WiseWear products were available at top-tier domestic and international retail distributors, including Saks, Nordstrom, and other fine retailers.

Jerry's former experience includes founding and growing the first Terahertz biosensing laboratory in the DoD, operating as a startup director and consultant for VC firms and TechStars program, and serving as a program manager for our country’s $3 Billion SBIR/STTR product commercialization program.

Jerry has penned several patents, published over 50 technical manuscripts, book chapters, and review articles, and has delivered over 100 keynote or plenary presentations at leading business and technical conferences including CES, RISE, TEDMED, SXSW, and SPIE. Dr. Wilmink actively serves an advisor or on the Board of Directors at Life Recovery Systems,  American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, TechStars--#1 startup accelerator in the world, and a handful of innovative startups. Jerry also is an advisor for our country’s National Academy of Sciences NRC, SMART, and NDSEG.

Jerry earned his BS, MS, and PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Vanderbilt University, a research associateship with the National Academy of Science, and an MBA from University of Texas at Austin. 

Contact: jwilmink@carepredict.com
Twitter @GeraldJWilmink @CarePredict