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We’re back at it again. Last winter, our HOT In City Awards made waves around the internet (seriously, we still hear about it from the Owler Community daily). Based on popular demand, we’re introducing our first annual 2017 Owler Top Rated CEO Awards. Winners are chosen directly based on opinions and contributions from our community.

In a little over two weeks (the week of 5/15), we’ll announce the most loved leaders at companies spanning over 50 cities and across more than 20 industries. And, there’s still time to impact the results. So, get excited and get ready to rate your CEO and the CEOs that you love—such as your vendors, partners, suppliers, and customers.

Winners are directly chosen by the Owler Community via member contributions. This year alone, Owler Community members have contributed over a quarter million CEO ratings.

So what, precisely, does it take to win? Well, first and foremost, to qualify for an award, a CEO must have 10 or more votes on Owler. Out of the 167,000 CEOs on Owler, we’ll be distributing 1,000 awards to the top CEOs, meaning that only the créme de la créme of corporate commanders—the top 0.60 percent—will make the cut.

But what if there’s a tie, you ask? Great question! If any two CEOs have the exact same rating, the leader with more votes will rank higher—so you might want to mention that during your next water cooler conversation.

Alright, now that you know how it works, we’ll get to the good stuff: how you can contribute. Because we want to make voting super easy and ultra accessible, there are several places for you to rate a CEO.

First, is on a company’s profile (in two places). In the top left hand side of the profile, immediately below the CEO’s approval rating, you’ll see a “weigh-in” link, a one-click poll asking you to rate that company’s CEO. Simply click the face of your choosing (either good, neutral, or bad) and, voila! You’ve submitted your vote.